Thursday, 25 September 2008

Where's justice?

If I hate someone, I would make them suffer, I won't kill them. I didn't come up with that, Jesus has a much more elaborate account of how to go about doing it with eternal suffering as opposed to killing the soul.
a clergyman today has been sentenced to 3.5 years in jail, because he keeps photos of children being raped, tortured, being naked etc. 57,000 of them, over the course of 30 years. he buys them, he downloads them, he looks for them, he creates them. if it was not the case that there are people of this kind, those thousands of children probably wouldnt have suffered.
yesterday, a woman was sentenced for 15 years in jail because she drowned her daughter, because she could not accept her disability. I don't know why she cannot accept the daughter's disability, but clearly the mum is not getting the right support, she has some huge psychological bariers.
where's justice then? we know that suffering is much worse than death, the ClergyMonkey directly inflicts an inmeasurable amount of suffering, whereas the mother killed a life. furthermore, both of them have huge psychological problems, the mother's problem with the child helps us understand why she committed such a crime in such a way that we can make sense of the crime. the monkey on the other hand, is just an evil.
our society, while perfectly understands that suffering is much worse than death, is not sending out the right signal to the criminals.

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