Wednesday, 14 May 2008

charity donations choices

I have a fix amount of money that I can donate to charity for a good cause, and several oppotunities have presented themselves:
the earthquake in china. I am a chinese, I feel that helping the chinese people affeced by the earthquake is more than just donating to charity. I have some sort of duty to help as much as I can.
Burma cyclone. the devestation is worse than that in china, or so it seems. they certainly need more help.
the third one is kind of a coleague. if he doesn't raise enough money, his daughter, who is 7 years old, will die of brain tumer. he needs quite an enormous sum of money because the operation has to be done in America. we are talking about tens of thousands of pounds I believe.

so I have 50 pounds I am happy to donate, but to which one? the first thing that comes to mind, cruel as it sounds, is that I dont want to donate to the poor girl who has a brain tumour. because 50 pounds presumably can help many more than one life in either Burma or China. but then the coleague is much more closely related to myself than anyone in burma and china that my 50 pounds will help. but then again, as I said, I have kind of a bond with the chinese people too, I really ought to help them. but then, my 50 pounds might mean the most in burma, where much more help relative to the other two is needed. I cannot decide how and what I can base my judgement on.