Thursday, 18 September 2008

going to toilet, and a couple of other things

I can't help I have to share this with you. I have started reading an audio book, which is called "predictably irational." the topic is a mix of psychology and economy. well I will write about the book at another time.
I was listening to the book on my phone through my headphones, so that I was quite free to get on with whatever I needed to do after work. when I went to the toilet, I came across one of the most peculiar experiences... the book was telling me about some scientific experiment, I was concentrating solely on the theory and outcome of the experiment and all of a sudden I heard my pee went into the toilet bowl. there was an irony to what my ears were hearing, almost to the point of being funny. it was, as it were, the sounds just did not make sense.
now I know, we can tell jokes not just by language, it can be by pictures, by video, and also by sound!

the other things:
I want to write about atheism, my reply to the claim that atheism is just another faith.

also, my views on right and wrong in the context of social norms.
until then

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