Wednesday, 5 November 2008


There are so many things that are worth writing about these days, and they are all pretty hard core stuff. so I have chosen a quick and silly one instead while doing my ... pasta:)

tomato, tomato! I think you're a hero!
you save my pasta from being dull and horrible.
rumble, rumble! my tummy bellows,
I cannot wait to put some pasta on the stove.
- yan

Sunday, 2 November 2008

software cracks

recently, I've noticed that a few cracks for assistive software for the blind have appreared. these include screenreaders for computer, as well as screenreaders for the phone.
a lot of comments are posted with the cracks, they all roughly amount to saying thanks to the author who makes it possible for their blind friends to gain access to a normal computer or phone. to put it in context, the most popular screenreader Jaws by freedom scientific, is about 3 times more expensive than the pc I'm using, the screenreader for phone, is generally the same price as the phone (or, since most phones come free nowadays with a contract, the screenreader is 250 gbp roughly for reference).
this means that a normal person just wouldn't be able to afford these things unless the government, or some charities, or the company he works for is willing to pay for the software (and of course, one needs a "good reason" to apply for these funding.
I join those who prais the people who provide the cracks, because it's grossly wrong that the software providers deliberately cash on government and charity funding.
the opensource comunity has started doing something about it which deserve a big applaude as well, noticeably NVDA which is now very usable and can decently replace something that costs three times the price of a computer.