Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Yan's speaking from top of his head, bottom of his heart

this is my theory of human nature, businesses which are successful are the ones capable of capitalising on various aspects of the theory regardless of the nature of the business.
in fact, there are only two aspects of human nature that can be capitalised on:
  • Competitiveness
  • Nosiness

the more competitive you are, the more nosy you are too, since you need to find out how much more other people are making, how much faster the others can run, how much sexier others' partners are etc in order to be able to compare.

however, nosy people are not necessarily competitive, therefore it is possible to capture just nosiness and be successful.

the way to tell whether a nosy person is competitive or not is by examining the things they are nosy about, competitive people are nosy about things that are measurable such as wages, speed, and more complicated properties which do not have absolute values but have certain established norms among a culture such as beauty.

those who are nosy but not competitive tend to be more interested in, or are not picky on what they are nosy about, they will be satisfied to know whether you like orange juice or apple juice, orange juice with bits or without, a cat-person or a dog-person etc.

facebook can satisfy all of the nosy people, but it is not capable of capitalising on people's competitiveness.

to create a site that will both capture people's nosiness and competitiveness is therefore my goal:)