Thursday, 12 June 2008


Music really touches me sometimes, and I really don't like it. it's too heavy.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hong Kong/china patriotism

in the last ten years, Hong Kong has been subject to a huge "patriotic campaign" orchestrated by presumably the Chinese governemnt in order that Hong Kong's people hearts and minds are won. I do not know how successful the campaign has been on the whole, I can only say that from what I can see, the campaign has backfired.
the recent earthquake has generated huge response in Hong Kong, the patriots claim victory because in their eyes, if one loves one's country one would naturally donate, if one doesn't donate one does not love one's country. as a side note, obviously these patriots have forgotten how Hong Kong people reacted to the south east asia tsunami - there was only a handful of fundraising tv programs, no company offered "purchase and we will donate on your behalf" kind of programs, yet queues were constantly seen in banks where people donate.
going back to the patriotics, let me tell you how rediculous, extreme and wrong they are with an example, and perhaps you can understand why the patriotism campaign backfires.
a school girl of about 13 wrote in her blog that roughly says that people should donate some money to help the pandas in si cheuen as well because much of the rescue has been concentrated on people, and the pandas have been neglected. this is inocent enough. however, the patriotics decided that this is against the rescue effort, someone found out where the girl lives, which school she goes to, and "have a chat" with the headmaster. in the end, the headmaster gave the girl the most serious warning (which is a written warning which stays in her profile for the rest of her school life).
firstly, I cannot believe that such an incompatent, puppet headmaster is allowed to run a school. secondly, does this not say something about why all the big companies are offering purchase and we will donate on your behalf programs? perhaps they have received similar "chats" or pressure?

loving a country, or a person for that matter, does not mean that one has to agree stupidly with everything she says and wants to do. unless the so-called patriotics in Hong Kong realise that criticisms and alternative views can be both useful and helpful, they will not be welcome.

Monday, 2 June 2008

a cartoon I want to draw

if I could, I would draw a cartoon of the following scene, which has been living in my head for a while.

two people are having a big piece of nam bread in front of them enjoying their dinner. they are both very polite and have been tearing small pieces of the nam bread for themselves. the moment comes when there is only a small bit left. neither of them wants to take the last piece because it's considered to be a little rude. so they kept spliting the small piece - first the size of a cd, then a coaster, then a 2 pound coin, then a penny, then almost like a grain of rice......
all the while the two people are chatting away as if nothing has happened, but both are very uneasy.