Sunday, 17 January 2010

please...journalists....I beg you to stop

I know that sometimes you have not much to ask or no one to interview on a sunday, but I beg you to stop asking the christians why God allows a disaster such as that to strike a poor country like Haiti killing so far 50,000 people and many more to come.
I do not know which bishop it was that was interviewed, I can almost hear in his head saying that "well, it's good for them cos now they are all going to heaven.", but of course he can't say that in public. so he instead elaborated on how people have freedom (totally irelevant), and it's up to us how we respond to such disaster (totally irelevant as well) - the question is, bishop, why did god allow such a disaster.

mr journalist, I beg you to just stop questioning them on this, they have a terminal (or shall I say eternal) mental illness called faith, (which most people do have but not as badly affected if they are not religious), one of the symptoms is that they reach conclusions before they have evidence or arguments, they are willing to go to whatever length to stick to their conclusions, sacrificing all other believes, common senses if necessary in order to preserve their eternal conclusions.

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